From the theater of the absurd, we learn in today’s wires that the City of Seattle (as Left as it gets here in the Northwest) has issued a formal advisory. Weather, you might ask? Earthquake? Tsunami? Escaped criminals?

No. A matter far more urgent and necessary to address…political correctness.  A campaign of sorts is underway to root out all “disruptive words.”

Apparently, the good city on the Puget doesn’t like certain sounds. Seattle has declared that the use of the term “citizen” must be avoided. It is professed to violate sensitivities of non-citizens. Hence, the term “citizen” is to be banished and “resident” is to replace it…not that these are equivalent. But, when you are inventing a lexicon wholesale, who’s to quibble, eh?

And not that you were asking, but the term “brown bag” is also somehow, under the Seattle commissars, deemed “disruptive” too. Formerly, it referred to a home-made lunch. Now, evidently it is declared as racist. How exactly, we are uncertain. Nor do we know whether Buster Brown Shoes have been forbidden in the Emerald City.

What’s a good citizen to do with a brown bag lunch in Seattle, home to the Space Needle? There’s another word for that device, but then we truly would be politically incorrect.  Ah well, we wish Seattle well in its campaign to root out what they deem disruptive words.  Soon enough, they’ll doubtless be Left with merely grunts and screeches…which, as we think of it, does sound like the sum intelligence of the Left.