Every September 17th, our Nation honors the creation of the Constitution or the United States, when members of the Constitution Convention signed the document and sent it forward to the States for ratification in 1787…226 years ago.

We ask our members to mark their calendars.  On 17 September 2013, Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) in Lewiston, Idaho will host a discussion panel of current pertinent constitutional concerns. The program will run from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Room 115, Sacajawea Hall.  The topic of discussion will pertain to the 4th Amendment and present day widespread domestic surveillance under a host of Federal offices from NSA to the IRS.

The program, “Domestic Spying and the Fourth Amendment,” will be empanelled by five LCSC professors from several departments.   It promises to be an interesting and up-to-date discussion.  The event is also free and open to the public. All CP-Idaho members are encouraged to attend the LCSC discussion. Do your part to honor our Constitution by your involvement in the discussions of a limited government. Keep our Constitution alive.  Study it.  Dare to discuss it.  For it is just as relevant and just as wise today as it was over two hundred years ago…perhaps more so given how far away from it we have drifted in our modern expression of Federalism.

For further details please visit the LCSC website http://www.lcsc.edu/collegeinfo/viewitem.asp?ID=2793