An important item–calling for an independent Commission on Redistricting–was committed given time constraints at the end of the 2014 State Convention.  The proposed resolution calls for eliminating the machinations of partisan gerrymandering by establishing an independent commission to redistrict Idaho.

As it stands now, unaffiliated voters are disfranchised entirely, their fate left to the manipulations and deal making by the two big-box parties.  This is inexcusable, given that unaffiliated voters far and away represent the absolute majority of Idaho’s registered voters.

For all intents and purposes, because redistricting is now decided in the Court, we propose that the redistricting commission’s appointment originate with the Court as an independent agency–one less likely to be the victim of gerrymandered infringements.  Our view is:  why not cut to the chase?

It has become now a ritual.  Every ten years, redistricting ends up with the Court under an ever increasing number of litigations in response to gross manipulations under gerrymandering.  In 2012, redistricting disputes came close to forcing a delay in the primary ballot, which is truly indicative of a dysfunctional and broken system.  Besides, failure to properly seat the commission after a call by the Secretary of State automatically defaults under Idaho Statutes to appointment by the State Supreme Court anyhow.

Our proposed resolution at the 2014 Convention appeared as Resolution 9.  Unfortunately, full discussion could not be allotted sufficient time as the Convention neared adjournment.  Thus, this important resolution was committed to the State Central Committee to dispense.

Attention to this remaining business item from the 2014 Convention is mentioned here due to its relative importance to fundamental fairness in Idaho representation.  It demonstrates serious work undertaken at State Convention–despite mischaracterizations leveled at us from certain hedonistic quarters of so-called “modern” society.

Registered Constitution Party of Idaho members are referred to Resolution 9, posted on this website.  Your opinions regarding this resolution are actively encouraged by your State Central Committee prior to dispensing this remaining business item in the next meeting.  Feel free to contact us:  Constitution Party of Idaho, PO Box 186, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.

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