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We have been told this year, that there are “structural” problems with Idaho’s economy.  Really?  We barely noticed  the sag in the floor.  The reason, we are given to believe, is that the “nature” of Idaho’s economy is changing due to the rapidly increasing age of its population, under the weight of incoming retirees…a veritable Fort Lauderdale in the Bitterroots.  This aging population, apparently encouraged at the highest levels of State Government, has the effect, we are sternly told, of moving Idahoans into low wage service employment…Central America has a similar economic structure for handling wealthy American retirees flooding their tropic climes.  What an economic model to emulate.

Closer to home, as proof, we offer by way of example a demographic chart on the age of Idaho County, lest we be accused of speaking in Republican or Democrat tongue.

Not to disparage our elderly (for they are indeed precious to those of us who still hold the family as the single most important social institution of mankind), but it occurs to CP-Idaho that something has gone terribly awry under nearly 60 years of Republican stranglehold control in our Gem State’s Legislature.  The way, it seems to us, to encourage young Idahoans to remain in-State is to change the now institutionalized economic policy which favors oligopolies, outsourcing and centralization.  We can return our jobs.  And from these we can return community vigor and sustainability by returning value-added manufacturing to our near-commodity communities.

But alas, sometimes the aged are too set in their ways.  Ebenezer Scrooge was as well.  And so, the structural economic problem will likely continue apace…at least until the ghost of the future comes calling in the middle of night.

At our 2013 CP-Idaho State Conference in Meridian on 17 August 2013, we will be addressing this “structural” problem.  We welcome your attendance (see details under Events).  You can copy off the registration form found elsewhere on our website.  We’re not big on ceremony.  Just the facts.  But we certainly do believe that “fate” can be changed…and economic foundations can be repaired.  After all, we do have a blueprint.