Steady as she goes?  For the sixth straight year, the poverty rate (defined as $23,492 or less income for a family of four) in American has failed to improve…”flat-lined” is how one economics professor put it. Worse, the economic “doldrums” are expected to be the new paradigm for the foreseeable future—high poverty rates and higher income disparities. We’d use “malaise” but that’s already been taken by Mr. Carter.  So “doldrums” it is, then, for Mr. Obama.

Well over 46 million Americans are now mired, evidently quasi-permanently, in poverty.  But wait. There’s more.

The New York Times suggests that Federal deficits over the short term may fall briefly…meaning this year and next which coincidentally may be long enough for Mr. Obama to escape office unscathed. But starting 2016, the deficits are projected to rise with devastating consequences. Says the Times, by 2023 (a scant decade from now) the annual deficit is projected to consume 3.5% of our national GDP…and this level is considered by a goodly number of economists to not be sustainable.

And by 2038, the Federal deficit is expected to devour 6.5% of the GDP…so it seems a fait accompli that between 2023 and 2038 an American economic Armageddon is all but certain, if this nation continues its present course. Which brings us to our title line.

If the New York Times, the Grey Lady of all things liberal, including profligate spending, is issuing words of caution…then the course we are taking has got to be bad. That being the case, when will our Legislators quit squabbling over the best chairs on their luxury cruise, and actually get down to working on the navigational charts?  Or wasn’t that 2008 iceberg off port bow big enough to elicit concerns on the bridge?

P.S. As for the prediction by the New York Times, we hazard of guess that the reckoning may come much sooner, likely in fiscal year 2017 or 2018 when interest payments on the Federal debt are forecast to gobble up 10% of all Federal outlays. But, we quibble over a five year time frame.  Still, there seems little doubt now over the fate of the Ship of State.  America is set on a collision course with some very ice cold reality.

An innocuous and kindly sounding piece of legislation—Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act—is presently being ushered (or rather slithered) through the US House under the guidance of Illinois Democrat US Representative Danny Davis and his fellow Democrat US Representative William Pascrell, of New Jersey.

The two gentlemen are out on the hustings, cooing suave sounding politically-correct verbiage like: “pro-active approach to reducing gun violence”… or “proven preventive programs”…or “comprehensive, multidimensional strategy”…and “equitable, long term, sustainable strategy”—phrases all that have been used to the point of excess, if not abuse, by common proselytizing incumbents of all persuasions, to be sure.

We cannot help but note however, that Mssrs. Davis and Pascrell, merely replay that golden oldie Teddy Kennedy routine…“No ammo, no guns.” To rid firearms in the hands of private citizens, so the Leftist social theory goes, simply tax ammunition out of existence. That vaudeville act received terrible reviews three decades ago when Teddy first penned it. Age has not improved the script.

Disingenuously, Mr. Pascrell claims: “This bill represents a major investment in the protection of our children…” We recognize that, for charlatans, there is often profit in a good old-fashioned demagogic appeal to the emotions of the ignorant; but “investment” is not what we would call their attempt. Rather, it is a demurrage upon individual liberty, and an infringement upon the unalienable right of self defense…something recognized 30 years ago when this act first strutted out upon Boston Commons.

If Mssrs. Davis and Pascrell were at all honest, they would admit that this was their goal, and spare us the mourning dove cooing. Indeed, if we accept their bill’s title, innocuous or not, then it necessarily follows that these two gentlemen advocate using the tax code to punish and eliminate an industry and deny its lawful consumers. How could it be otherwise?

They propose, among many other heinous things, to raise the tax upon cartridges and bullets from the current 11 percent to a confiscatory 50%! 50%, dear readers! We know beyond doubt that Democrats have little compunction to use the IRS for political vendettas; but we have the cheek to suggest to them that the purpose of a tax code is simply to raise revenue. Beyond that specific and singular purpose, any other use of a tax code is illegitimate. After all, after ammunition is taxed out of existence, then what?  Hamburgers?

The final coup d’ grace of a social experimentalist named Big Brother has now fallen upon America. A death blow, as it were. The hammer strike is a vindication of George Orwell’s commentary regarding utopian tyrants. According to recent news wires, housing racial quotas are to be enforced in every neighborhood in America by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Curiously, the Obama-theorist re-engineers would condemn  internment camps of World War Two, but yet champion their own version of relocation enforcement as being somehow benevolent. Still, that we know of, HUD has no legitimate Federal jurisdiction over private neighborhoods.

Besides, their resettlement policy smacks of every other similar forced migration based on ethnicity which has preceded it…from Mussolini’s “Italianization” program to Murad II’s conquest of Salonika and his Ottoman state’s forced settlement of Muslims in former Balkan communities.

Perhaps an even more appropriate comparison would be the ancient Incas with their deliberate enforcement of “heterogeneity” upon conquered peoples.  The Inca sought to ensure a breakdown of traditional community ties…to make them easier to dominate. Seems to us, to be spot on today.

Far be it from us to point out that this enforced heterogeneity, if that is what it may be called, is very likely itself a crime against humanity because it is a forcible transfer of populations, to say nothing of the right to free association. Further, as the United Nations puts it, regarding such programs…“the cardinal principle of ‘voluntariness’ is seldom satisfied, regardless of the objective of the transfer.” [1993, United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities]. Seems to us this current Federal government attempts to use the “objective” of the transfer to justify and cover over a heinous pogrom.

And thus, Mr. Orwell did have it mostly right on his understanding of post modernism.  As he noted in 1949, a year before his death, from the classical novel called 1984. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

Mr. Orwell was also very astute in his characterization of what would become the base of modern Obama discipleship.  “One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.” [1937, The Road to Wigan Pier]. That about says it.

We have been told this year, that there are “structural” problems with Idaho’s economy.  Really?  We barely noticed  the sag in the floor.  The reason, we are given to believe, is that the “nature” of Idaho’s economy is changing due to the rapidly increasing age of its population, under the weight of incoming retirees…a veritable Fort Lauderdale in the Bitterroots.  This aging population, apparently encouraged at the highest levels of State Government, has the effect, we are sternly told, of moving Idahoans into low wage service employment…Central America has a similar economic structure for handling wealthy American retirees flooding their tropic climes.  What an economic model to emulate.

Closer to home, as proof, we offer by way of example a demographic chart on the age of Idaho County, lest we be accused of speaking in Republican or Democrat tongue.

Not to disparage our elderly (for they are indeed precious to those of us who still hold the family as the single most important social institution of mankind), but it occurs to CP-Idaho that something has gone terribly awry under nearly 60 years of Republican stranglehold control in our Gem State’s Legislature.  The way, it seems to us, to encourage young Idahoans to remain in-State is to change the now institutionalized economic policy which favors oligopolies, outsourcing and centralization.  We can return our jobs.  And from these we can return community vigor and sustainability by returning value-added manufacturing to our near-commodity communities.

But alas, sometimes the aged are too set in their ways.  Ebenezer Scrooge was as well.  And so, the structural economic problem will likely continue apace…at least until the ghost of the future comes calling in the middle of night.

At our 2013 CP-Idaho State Conference in Meridian on 17 August 2013, we will be addressing this “structural” problem.  We welcome your attendance (see details under Events).  You can copy off the registration form found elsewhere on our website.  We’re not big on ceremony.  Just the facts.  But we certainly do believe that “fate” can be changed…and economic foundations can be repaired.  After all, we do have a blueprint.