An innocuous and kindly sounding piece of legislation—Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act—is presently being ushered (or rather slithered) through the US House under the guidance of Illinois Democrat US Representative Danny Davis and his fellow Democrat US Representative William Pascrell, of New Jersey.

The two gentlemen are out on the hustings, cooing suave sounding politically-correct verbiage like: “pro-active approach to reducing gun violence”… or “proven preventive programs”…or “comprehensive, multidimensional strategy”…and “equitable, long term, sustainable strategy”—phrases all that have been used to the point of excess, if not abuse, by common proselytizing incumbents of all persuasions, to be sure.

We cannot help but note however, that Mssrs. Davis and Pascrell, merely replay that golden oldie Teddy Kennedy routine…“No ammo, no guns.” To rid firearms in the hands of private citizens, so the Leftist social theory goes, simply tax ammunition out of existence. That vaudeville act received terrible reviews three decades ago when Teddy first penned it. Age has not improved the script.

Disingenuously, Mr. Pascrell claims: “This bill represents a major investment in the protection of our children…” We recognize that, for charlatans, there is often profit in a good old-fashioned demagogic appeal to the emotions of the ignorant; but “investment” is not what we would call their attempt. Rather, it is a demurrage upon individual liberty, and an infringement upon the unalienable right of self defense…something recognized 30 years ago when this act first strutted out upon Boston Commons.

If Mssrs. Davis and Pascrell were at all honest, they would admit that this was their goal, and spare us the mourning dove cooing. Indeed, if we accept their bill’s title, innocuous or not, then it necessarily follows that these two gentlemen advocate using the tax code to punish and eliminate an industry and deny its lawful consumers. How could it be otherwise?

They propose, among many other heinous things, to raise the tax upon cartridges and bullets from the current 11 percent to a confiscatory 50%! 50%, dear readers! We know beyond doubt that Democrats have little compunction to use the IRS for political vendettas; but we have the cheek to suggest to them that the purpose of a tax code is simply to raise revenue. Beyond that specific and singular purpose, any other use of a tax code is illegitimate. After all, after ammunition is taxed out of existence, then what?  Hamburgers?