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CP-Idaho fields more than its share of disillusionment from the disfranchised. Too often, it seems to us, many voters descend into despair, believing that their own interests are never addressed by the current corporatist political system of America. We do understand that.

And, it is not that we are too blithe as to suggest trite clichés like “When given lemons, make lemonade.” However, we really do believe that reasons for optimism exist today.

Yesterday in Colorado, for example, the people rose in a recall against heretofore unanswered continual intrusions upon their Second Amendment rights by both major political parties. Colorado State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron were shown the door. But more importantly, this Colorado effort was a bipartisan popular uprising. And it cut across party lines…otherwise it would never have been successful.

What this demonstrates to us is that, when involved and active in their own governmental affairs, the People can even now at this late hour still bring about change when aggrieved. Or perhaps better said, we have not yet lost our ability to recall our government if we would but only put forth the mutual effort.

By similar fashion, we view the recent debacle of Mr. Obama’s Syrian Serenades as another example of the positive power of the People when they cooperate and become actively involved. Few governments on this Earth have allotted such a veto power to the People. And we ought to be encouraged by both the Colorado recall and the override of the current President’s interventionist pomposity. Small victories, true. But they are victories by the People.

All, it seems to us, that is necessary to bring about positive change and a re-direction of our Nation back onto surer foundations is for the People to be actively involved in their own governance. We cannot leave for others this task. We must attend to it ourselves. The price of Liberty, of course, is eternal vigilance.

It is to this that we appeal to our fellow CP-Idahoans. Join us. Get involved. Increase your activity in the constitutionalist political movement. Even now, the evidence suggests that we can indeed make a difference in this Nation’s government.

But if we surrender our optimism, and fritter away our energies by useless hand wringing and deed-less complaints, we will have wasted what has every appearance of being an improvement in the weather …dare we suggest? By the looks of it, we have the first silver lining on the edges of a dark storm cloud that has been parked over this Nation for far too long. To everything, there is a season. Let this be the season of our optimism and renewed energy. God speed Liberty.