With such a trove of fiasco news on Obamacare—we hardly know where to start. The grilling of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, we shall leave to others and focus on dirty deeds, the money—because it is telling. It is symptomatic of a rot in America.

But first, consider Aldous Huxley’s fiction Brave New World. However bizarre, it presaged our modern times in many respects…one “World State” under a Command Economy, using a forced caste system. In Huxley’s new world, most human fetuses were “decanted” to be reared as suppressed clones in “hatcheries and conditioning centers”. Only a select few were allowed to gestate normally…these became the ruling castes. Huxley’s world is an appropriate, albeit horrific, example for Obamacare.

Our readers may be puzzled over our illustrative use of Mr. Huxley. What’s the connection? Well, those dirty deeds of course, that money, which runs through our current government and the Obamacare news like the hyphae of mushrooms feeding upon rot.

On 28 July 2013, a business merger was announced in Chicago with Omnicom by Maurice Levy CEO of the Paris, France based Publicis Groupe. Levy declared: “This is a new company for a new world.” Indeed. A new world—and a new definition of representative government.

The merger forms (Publicis Omnicom Groupe)—two holding companies now capitalized at over $35 billion—and essentially commanding all public relations and advertising on planet Earth. How does this link to Obamacare and Russian propagandists? Ah yes; mergers of this caliber have all kinds of subsidiaries—many known, some not. Take Ketchum Inc., for example. It is a subsidiary of Omnicom.

The way our political system works today is that, when public policy needs to be sold to the People, or when things go bad for a political party or mega-corporation, professional public relations mercenaries are brought in—the masters of propaganda. Ketchum’s clients include some stalwart multi-nationals who found themselves in various troubles like: Chase, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak and many others who were mired a time or two in things we call scandals.

The hypahe feeding upon the detritus of Washington, D.C., like Ketchum Inc., also have their own subsidiaries. For example, GPlus Europe…a principal of which was involved in “covering” the First Chechen War (1994-1996) and Gazprom. Today, for millions of dollars, Ketchum touts the benefits, so-called, of partnering with Russia…and thus, foreign policy is made in our brave new world.

Over the years, Ketchum has also had contracts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in US federal propaganda work to polish up the images of the likes of the Department of Education, the IRS and Health and Human Services…and thus, domestic policy is made in our brave new world.

Which brings us to today. Ketchum was called in as prime emergency propaganda contractor to improve the image of Obamacare’s The overall Obamacare public relations effort—or propaganda—has already spent contracts totaling several tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for major firms like Omnicom/Ketchum. The Administration has also sent millions to minor subcontractors, many of which lack much in a verifiable track record. One of these firms happens to be a D.C. based outfit called Buying Time LLC. It grabbed a $1.1 million contract from “stimulus” funds to transmit Obamacare propaganda to Americans. And this, it turns out, has every appearance of dirty money.

It just so happens that Buying Time LLC founder is none other than Cathie Herrick. She is linked to a deep mat of hyphae connected to the Democratic National Committee—working for the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign, the 2000 Gore campaign, and the 2004 Kerry campaign. Now, she works as a public propagandist for Obamacare…on the taxpayer’s payroll.

The Herrick story was broken by the Washington Times’ Jim McElhatton, 29 October 2013. And it is disturbing. Repeated inquiries to Ketchum by the Washington Times on how and why this firm was hired went unanswered at press time. The Washington Times quoted Republican US Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma as saying: “With out-of-control deficits, it is unacceptable to squander taxpayer money on what is essentially political propaganda.”

Of course, the Republicans themselves are not without blame. They too employed Omnicom’s Ketchum, and in essence violated a federal ban against propaganda in a 2004 attempt to burnish Health and Human Services with prepackaged news stories for President Bush’s initiative.

Our long story has a point. Domestic and foreign policy has long since been created by mercenary public relations propagandists. That is dangerous to a free society. It corrupts, a point Mr. Huxley made in his fiction Brave New World. As Mr. Huxley wrote: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

This Administration has engaged in repeated wholesale deception over five years. They pretend that just because they ignore uncomfortable facts, those facts do not exist…they go away as “phony scandals”. Relentlessly, this Administrations continues weaving and expanding its hyphae through the permeable matrix of public perception under the force of propaganda.

It is said that fungal hyphae can sense reproductive units from a great distance, and grow toward them. Mercenary public relations firms are much like this—skilled at finding fertile apathy; skilled at finding the soft rot they need to feed, and to breed. This is the Brave New America.

We mentioned 1st Amendment issues before, i.e. 2 August 2013 “Oh my word!” which addressed the ludicrous Seattle government’s attempt to ban what they and they alone deem as “disruptive words”…such as “citizen.” Our article today is a follow on satire…of sorts.

Not always are Bill of Rights infringements undertaken by government. Sometimes they would be grabbed away by big-business…which has now fully grafted itself into our government by the shadows of financial “arrangements”. They already own our so-called free elections outright. They routinely control tax exempt favoritism; and money supply; and even foreign policy. Now apparently they will have the English alphabet and even the color spectrum itself, if permitted.

Enter the massive multi-national spirits conglomerate Brown-Forman with its legal gunslingers. They demand seizure of stuff that belongs to a small distillery in Tennessee. Popcorn Sutton’s is in their extortive legal gun sights under a trumped up claim of trademark infringement. Reported by the Associated Press (AP), Brown-Forman’s flagship brand, Jack Daniel’s, alleges Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey (i.e. moonshine) has ripped off their label design. They further allege Sutton’s brand “confuses” consumers into believing that it is associated with Jack Daniel’s.

Thus, Brown-Forman’s guns have surrounded the small homestead, and now essentially demand that the entire local distillery, its product, assets, the whole caboodle must be surrendered up to them. This form of legal extortion can bankrupt the small guy, and they know it. But, they covet Popcorn Sutton’s deed just like ruthless cattle barons of yesteryear. To take it, they allege Sutton’s used “similar fonts,” a similar bottle shape; and even the use of a black label with white lettering. Apparently, use of black and white must be restricted by the courts to Brown-Forman’s exclusive control. Ditto “square” geometry.

This leads us to inquire. What lettering upon a black label do they realistically believe is permissible to others? For if not white lettering, then how do they suggest such a label be legible? The question as we see it is this: Does the Jack Daniel’s trademark grant exclusivity over the use of black and white? If true, then there are a number of kindergarteners, yard sales and church bingos that had best beware too.

We have looked at the two labels (provided in the AP release), and quite frankly do not see the “similarity” of fonts, or even design, as the guns allege. We’re not so confused as the Brown-Forman guns claim. Whether the “square” bottle is similar we cannot say; but we note a lot of similar square bottles are already in existence. Brown-Forman protests too much, we’thinks.


The AP referenced a similar case in Vermont, one where a Vermont local produce grower contracted a local tee shirt silk screen shop to print up shirts saying… “Eat More Kale” back in 2000. Chic-Fillet International—which branded the poorly spelled “Eat Mor Chicken”—took issue and expended great gunnery efforts to try and run the kale grower and tee shirt printer out of town. But every once in a great while, an independent tough cuss says no to such extortion. Live Free or Die, as it were.  As we understand Chic-Fillet failed.

Too much freedom (including freedom of expression) has already been usurped by the unholy alliance of mega-corporations melded into government, which includes the courts. Under legal parasitism, the People are commonly trampled and buffaloed by hired gun attorneys—bled dry. Our legal system long ago gave up any pretense of equality. Small guys, frankly, rarely have fair shots in it. Still, we will exercise our 1st Amendment right. Consider us filing amicus curiae brief. It will be laconic, to wit: “Pu-lease. Seriously?”

CP-Idaho fields more than its share of disillusionment from the disfranchised. Too often, it seems to us, many voters descend into despair, believing that their own interests are never addressed by the current corporatist political system of America. We do understand that.

And, it is not that we are too blithe as to suggest trite clichés like “When given lemons, make lemonade.” However, we really do believe that reasons for optimism exist today.

Yesterday in Colorado, for example, the people rose in a recall against heretofore unanswered continual intrusions upon their Second Amendment rights by both major political parties. Colorado State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron were shown the door. But more importantly, this Colorado effort was a bipartisan popular uprising. And it cut across party lines…otherwise it would never have been successful.

What this demonstrates to us is that, when involved and active in their own governmental affairs, the People can even now at this late hour still bring about change when aggrieved. Or perhaps better said, we have not yet lost our ability to recall our government if we would but only put forth the mutual effort.

By similar fashion, we view the recent debacle of Mr. Obama’s Syrian Serenades as another example of the positive power of the People when they cooperate and become actively involved. Few governments on this Earth have allotted such a veto power to the People. And we ought to be encouraged by both the Colorado recall and the override of the current President’s interventionist pomposity. Small victories, true. But they are victories by the People.

All, it seems to us, that is necessary to bring about positive change and a re-direction of our Nation back onto surer foundations is for the People to be actively involved in their own governance. We cannot leave for others this task. We must attend to it ourselves. The price of Liberty, of course, is eternal vigilance.

It is to this that we appeal to our fellow CP-Idahoans. Join us. Get involved. Increase your activity in the constitutionalist political movement. Even now, the evidence suggests that we can indeed make a difference in this Nation’s government.

But if we surrender our optimism, and fritter away our energies by useless hand wringing and deed-less complaints, we will have wasted what has every appearance of being an improvement in the weather …dare we suggest? By the looks of it, we have the first silver lining on the edges of a dark storm cloud that has been parked over this Nation for far too long. To everything, there is a season. Let this be the season of our optimism and renewed energy. God speed Liberty.

An innocuous and kindly sounding piece of legislation—Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act—is presently being ushered (or rather slithered) through the US House under the guidance of Illinois Democrat US Representative Danny Davis and his fellow Democrat US Representative William Pascrell, of New Jersey.

The two gentlemen are out on the hustings, cooing suave sounding politically-correct verbiage like: “pro-active approach to reducing gun violence”… or “proven preventive programs”…or “comprehensive, multidimensional strategy”…and “equitable, long term, sustainable strategy”—phrases all that have been used to the point of excess, if not abuse, by common proselytizing incumbents of all persuasions, to be sure.

We cannot help but note however, that Mssrs. Davis and Pascrell, merely replay that golden oldie Teddy Kennedy routine…“No ammo, no guns.” To rid firearms in the hands of private citizens, so the Leftist social theory goes, simply tax ammunition out of existence. That vaudeville act received terrible reviews three decades ago when Teddy first penned it. Age has not improved the script.

Disingenuously, Mr. Pascrell claims: “This bill represents a major investment in the protection of our children…” We recognize that, for charlatans, there is often profit in a good old-fashioned demagogic appeal to the emotions of the ignorant; but “investment” is not what we would call their attempt. Rather, it is a demurrage upon individual liberty, and an infringement upon the unalienable right of self defense…something recognized 30 years ago when this act first strutted out upon Boston Commons.

If Mssrs. Davis and Pascrell were at all honest, they would admit that this was their goal, and spare us the mourning dove cooing. Indeed, if we accept their bill’s title, innocuous or not, then it necessarily follows that these two gentlemen advocate using the tax code to punish and eliminate an industry and deny its lawful consumers. How could it be otherwise?

They propose, among many other heinous things, to raise the tax upon cartridges and bullets from the current 11 percent to a confiscatory 50%! 50%, dear readers! We know beyond doubt that Democrats have little compunction to use the IRS for political vendettas; but we have the cheek to suggest to them that the purpose of a tax code is simply to raise revenue. Beyond that specific and singular purpose, any other use of a tax code is illegitimate. After all, after ammunition is taxed out of existence, then what?  Hamburgers?

The final coup d’ grace of a social experimentalist named Big Brother has now fallen upon America. A death blow, as it were. The hammer strike is a vindication of George Orwell’s commentary regarding utopian tyrants. According to recent news wires, housing racial quotas are to be enforced in every neighborhood in America by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Curiously, the Obama-theorist re-engineers would condemn  internment camps of World War Two, but yet champion their own version of relocation enforcement as being somehow benevolent. Still, that we know of, HUD has no legitimate Federal jurisdiction over private neighborhoods.

Besides, their resettlement policy smacks of every other similar forced migration based on ethnicity which has preceded it…from Mussolini’s “Italianization” program to Murad II’s conquest of Salonika and his Ottoman state’s forced settlement of Muslims in former Balkan communities.

Perhaps an even more appropriate comparison would be the ancient Incas with their deliberate enforcement of “heterogeneity” upon conquered peoples.  The Inca sought to ensure a breakdown of traditional community ties…to make them easier to dominate. Seems to us, to be spot on today.

Far be it from us to point out that this enforced heterogeneity, if that is what it may be called, is very likely itself a crime against humanity because it is a forcible transfer of populations, to say nothing of the right to free association. Further, as the United Nations puts it, regarding such programs…“the cardinal principle of ‘voluntariness’ is seldom satisfied, regardless of the objective of the transfer.” [1993, United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities]. Seems to us this current Federal government attempts to use the “objective” of the transfer to justify and cover over a heinous pogrom.

And thus, Mr. Orwell did have it mostly right on his understanding of post modernism.  As he noted in 1949, a year before his death, from the classical novel called 1984. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

Mr. Orwell was also very astute in his characterization of what would become the base of modern Obama discipleship.  “One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.” [1937, The Road to Wigan Pier]. That about says it.