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Perhaps upon finally realizing that their sheer fabrications over public education were too immodest (or indecent), the Idaho Republicans are now issuing new skimpy coverlets of pretended support…now that we find ourselves in an election year.

In the vulgar, numerous and quite colorful descriptions may be found for such scanty attire. We prefer not to dwell on that, simply because such an unseemly image brings to mind what we dare blush to imagine is in the Republican closet. And so it is that we find Mr. Luna and the rest of the Republican harem singing about “schooling” Idaho…these party favorite crooners like Mr. Thayne and Mr. Fulcher.

And they do have some singing to do too; for after all, it was they who brought their trade in Common Core flesh to Idaho. And now that the “little black book” has been disclosed to the average Idaho voter, their political mea culpa song begins…they were for it, before they were against it.

We note the Governor has also joined the confessional chorus to deflect accountability. Mr. Otter (an election year, we remind) finally had the magnanimity, in his recent 6 January 2014 speechifying in front of the cameras, to call for the return of $35 million to the starved Idaho public education budget. A return, that is, after Republicans signors emaciated it by taking $200 million. In 2011, after their rapine seizure, these Republicans suggested it would take 10 years to return Idaho public education to the already thin gruel 2009 funding levels.

Now (three years further on), Mr. Otter is promising that it should only take five more years to do so. What generosity! But again, election years do force the best out of the worst.

Idaho is mired at the bottom of these United States in investments in the education of its youth—only Utah ranks lower. In educational quality, Idaho is tied with Nevada for 47th place…out of 50.  What a record…or rap sheet.

But as we noted, this is an election year. And so, Mr. Otter takes a lesson in boldface from Mr. Obama—who drove Federal deficits beyond Earth’s gravitational field. Now of course, the President claims to have “cut” deficit spending at the greatest rate in history. Never mind that Mr. Obama’s deficits are still, even cut, higher than those of all of his predecessors. Similarly goes Mr. Otter’s boldface about “support” of public education, only in reverse.

The Republicans allege they have a “multi-year plan,” one in which (according to our friends with “the idea of K-12 education is becoming obsolete”. Really? We hardly noticed. But, we do note that this “multi-year” plan has no firm commitments. The “specific numbers and goals may be tweaked in the coming years,” Mr. Otter allows. Indeed, says he, “It is my preference that we write our fiscal 2015 investment in ink and the out-year investment plans in pencil so that we can better assess the local impacts of that funding.”

So, the numbers (being an election year) are to be inked this year. But following re-election, of course, they are to be in pencil—subject to erasure, revision, denial, neglect. As we said, election years have the tendency to bring out the best in the worst. Fortunately on occasion, once the public reads into that “little black book,” voter indifference can often turns into righteous indignation. We only hope that the Idaho electorate still has the ability to read. If they do, that was certainly not on account of the Republican can-can.