The Idaho Statesman has certainly revealed investigative news this year that has been of grave importance to the Constitution Party of Idaho.


For example, it broke the story that Mr. Steven D. Pankey, who sought the endorsement of the Constitution Party, was in fact a homosexual extremist who actively advocated “same sex” so-called marriage in Idaho…a weird position entirely contrary to the platform of the Constitution Party. He was not endorsed.


CP-Idaho was, before the Idaho Statesman report, completely unaware of the gentleman’s peculiar lifestyle, as it is euphemistically called. Thus, by their revealing this, we owe a debt of gratitude to the newspaper. The damage that stealth candidate could have wrought, had we remained ignorant of his belatedly admitted true identity, doubtless would have been an order of magnitude greater.


As we all know, it is difficult to guard against willful deception. That was the case with the afore-named gentleman. We need not go into salubrious details, but suffice it to say that the gentleman libeled a great many people, and lied over an extended period of time. We use this example of willful deceit to bring up another recent case .

Once again, we are indebted to the Idaho Statesman.  It has uncovered certain, um, falsehoods made by yet another 2014 candidate for office. This time it was a Republican.


We refer to Mrs. Sherri Ybarra, Republican candidate for Idaho School Superintendent. Apparently, Mrs. Ybarra also issued a number of her own whoppers, flame broiled, over pants on fire.

The Statesman reported today, 23 October 2014, that Mrs. Ybarra’s campaign committed (and in fact admitted) plagiarism. She lifted material from her opponent’s website, and apparently tried to pass that copy off as if it were her own. Plagiarism in the educational field is, of course, also very taboo…treated almost as an unpardonable sin.


And the Statesman pointed out that Mrs. Ybarra seemingly padded her credentials. But in so doing, the Republican may have been too clever by half.  In an attempt to plush up her resume, she invented an educational degree.  The Statesman seemed somewhat incensed by the prevarications that it was an “innocent” error. A crass attempt to deceive better describes it.  In any case, the degree being claimed, or implied, does not exist. So Mrs. Ybarra has not been forthright.


In terms of educational credentials, Mrs. Ybarra does not score so well when compared to her Democrat opponent. Dr. Jana Jones, for the office of Idaho School Superintendent. So, what does a “principled” Republican do?

Why, substitute a shell game for substance.  Hope you can sell the phantom pea to those reflexive “R” voters in Idaho.  Count on ignorance and laziness. That’s a heck’uv a strategy.

At any rate, with plagiarism already in the back pocket, the mere inflation of an educational specialist degree (Ed.S) is no big deal. The hat trick tried to make that Ed.S “look” like it was a doctorate degree, by claiming she earned something called an “EdDs in Educational Leadership” a couple months ago in August, 2014.

In no way does “Ed.S” revised to read “EdDs” merit the benefit of doubt that it was an innocent typo. No. Its intent is quite clear, deliberate, at least it is to us. The intent was…Deception, with a capital D.  Besides, as we understand it. no such “EdDs” degree even exists.  There is an Ed.D…which is to say a doctorate in education.  That doctorate, the Republican Ybarra does not possess.  Her opponent, Dr. Jones, however…does. So, regardless of how one reads it, that attempted trick is unprincipled.


In terms of dishonorable deceit, Mrs. Ybarra joins Mr. Pankey in the 2014 Idaho Candidate Hall of Shame. Neither one of them warrant, in our opinion, any further consideration by any Idaho voter. Incidentally, the article on Mrs. Ybarra is found here:


2 Responses To This Post

  1. Sarah Says:

    The newspapers (Idaho Press-Tribune) is still claiming [S…. P…..] has the Constitution Party endorsement.

  2. cpvicechair Says:

    Greetings. Thank you for your comments. The gentleman’s name was redacted from your post, because we do not wish to grant that “ringer” any more press at our expense beyond what is absolutely necessary. He has already cost us too dearly.

    The Press-Tribune is in error if, as you say, it is reporting the radicalized homosexual possesses any endorsement of the Constitution Party of Idaho whatsoever. He does not. The State Convention, a legal body mandated under the Idaho Code, is clearly on public record as having withheld its endorsement, an act which was widely reported by the press in attendance (e.g. The Star-News in McCall).

    Further, on September 6, 2014, at the regularly scheduled quarterly State Central Committee meeting (held in Boise), Mr. Paul Venable was endorsed as the Constitution Party Write-In candidate for Idaho Governor. To vote for Mr. Venable, one needs to write-in on the ballot. Instructions will be found at the polling place.

    Moving forward, to defend the Constitution Party of Idaho’s right of political association, we encourage your donations to the CP-Idaho Legal Defense Fund at:

    The age in which we live, sadly, has become one of dirty filthy politics by a legion of unscrupulous liars and unprincipled extremists. The age of innocence and of apathy is over. To survive, we must come to grips with the ugly reality of what is, for all intents and purposes, a spiritual war.