As our CP-Idaho facebook readers may recall, late spring this year we ran an opinion survey.  For the benefit of new readers (and our current six presidential primary candidates), we here reproduce the results of several survey questions.

Please note, in the right hand side bar of this website, CP-Idaho is again asking the opinion on which ONE US department should be eliminated or downgraded.  Our first sample was interesting, but not exactly statistically significant with 13 responses.

We are trying again.  If downsizing government is a goal, then we need some parameters, such as public opinion, before proposing the termination of US cabinet departments.  We are genuinely curious as to our readers take.

Our intent is to gather a larger survey sample (+/- 120 responses) and make pie chart the new results for a backdrop slide at the Boise Debate on February 29, 2020. This poll will close January 10, 2020, and we will likely have another survey follow suit.  Data gathering data is a key ingredient to be able to develop political statements, and forward proposals.  We kindly ask for your opinions on where you think a reduction should take place.   

Anyhow, the following two pies were charted from this spring's survey results.




As shown, a plurality said the US Department of Education.  An aside, eliminating this specific department may not be so clean cut given land grant universities, community colleges ad so on.  Of note as well, despite high profile terrorist threats, a quarter of our respondents would put the axe to Homeland Security.

We asked a somewhat different question.  What basic reason did the respondent have for eliminating the department?Not surprisingly, a plurality said that the department's mission was not a federal role.  Other reasons basically pertained to costs.




Anyhow, help us out by considering the survey question.  Not all considerations will be economic.  As the second pie shows, some look at the relative ease to eliminate a department. Some, doubtlessly, will be easier to terminate than others.  But it's your call.  Take the poll.