The State Central Committee is the governing body of the Constitution Party of Idaho.  It is, at the simplest level, formed by representatives of the Precinct Committeemen from the various communities across Idaho.

Besides an executive staff for the state party (i.e. the State Executive Committee composed of the State Chairman, State Treasurer, etc.) the State Central Committee is formed by two principle subgroups of representatives–the County Central Committees and the Legislative District Central Committees.  The County Central Committees are the most important component of a functioning State Central Committee.

When Precinct Committeemen organize into a County Central Committee, among other officers, they elect a County Chairman, a State Committeeman and a State Committeewoman.  These are the representatives of the county’s precincts to the State Central Committee.

Legislative District Central Committees organized much like the County Central Committees, and  are represented in the State Central Committee by their respective District Central Committee Chairman.

The following is an organizational chart of the Constitution Party of Idaho State Central Committee.  Again, CP-Idahoans are encouraged to contact the Acting Chairman [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] if they are interested in serving Idaho and the Constitution Party at their county and local levels.  From this service, a statewide party is made.

The Constitution Party State Area Committee is basically a committee representing a neighborhood of counties.  CP-Idaho State Areas use the boundaries of Idaho Judicial Districts to form the county communities within our extensive State.  The purpose is to distribute costs and effort in a pooling of resources between nearby county neighborhoods.

The following is an organizational chart of the State Area Committee.

Idaho politics are based upon the precinct, the neighborhood, which is represented by Precinct Committeemen.  Precinct Committeemen ARE the grassroots…our neighbors.

Precinct Committeemen form the body of what is called the County Central Committee.  The County Central Committee is the foundational political unit in Idaho politics.   The following organizational chart shows the general structure of the County Central Committee.

The Constitution Party of Idaho needs our fellow CP-Idahoans to get involved.  Serve your party as precinct committeemen!  Self governance begins with the County Central Committee!   If you are interested in the opportunity to serve Idaho as a Constitution Party Precinct Committeeman, please do not hesitate to contact your Acting Chairman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sometimes a picture is worth a parcel of words.  As most know, the individual County Chapter is the basis of our political party.   We believe local government and local politics are (or at least they have been) the source of our society’s strength.

Above the County Chapter, for those who may not know, the Constitution Party of Idaho subdivides the State party into Areas, or “Districts”.  These Areas correspond to the Idaho Judicial Districts.  A map is shown below.

The reason we subdivide our party is due to the geographical shape, size and mountain barriers (not to mention time zones) of Idaho.  Moving around in Idaho is problematic, from north to south; and if truth be told, from east to west in some parts of our Gem State, as Mssrs. Lewis and Clark discovered.

Our Areas, modeled after the “old-timer” Districts are more efficient.  Local county neighbors can share resources more effectively in District Areas than is otherwise the case at a single consolidated State party level.  Idaho ain’t Rhode Island, in other words.

As we move through 2013, it is our ambition to begin to strengthen not only our respective County Chapters, but also our Idaho Area leadership.  We actively seek and encourage participatory citizenship in Idaho.  If you are interested in making a stand on principles, and helping build a limited government political party, please consider the several opportunities that are unfilled at both the County Chapter and Idaho Area level subdivisions.  Direct inquiries to the State Chairman, at the contact address found elsewhere on this website.


2 Responses To This Post

  1. Eric Cutlip Says:

    I’m going to try and make it to the Grangeville meeting but I work weekends. If I can’t make it can someone fill me in sometime later? I’m the type to be a speaker of any sort but am interested in bringing this country back to God and the Constitution.


  2. cpvicechair Says:

    Eric, We can of course give you updates on the Idaho county meeting. Our meeting will address: (1) updates [and hopefully John Eynon can forward us some photos of the event for sharing] on the NW Family Preparedness Expo this weekend at Farragut State Park; (2) we will be working on details to the 2013 Meridian Conference including trying out some of our presentations if we can get a computer projector; (3) we will also needing to start work on an upcoming Christmas Season event, and we will need ideas there; (4) we will also make plans to assist the Latah County chapter with their meeting in October; (5) Lastly, we will discuss what we can do to help our Constitution Party candidate (CP-Idaho Treasurer, Ray Writz) in his run for Coeur d’Alene City council. He is running to replace them, due to that passage of so-called “gay” special interests up there. Ray will need campaign volunteers to share some work load…envelope stuffing, calls, and so forth. I will keep you posted if you cannot make the meeting…Friday evening, 2 August 5:00 p.m. @ Oscar’s. Kick around our website, we’re putting up new posts. If you are comfortable with public speaking, believe me we can use you. Floyd.