December 11, 2019.  At close of business today, the presidential candidacy declaration window closes, and the 90 day pre-primary window opens.


During the pre-primary period, a hive of activity will take place, not the least of which will be preparations for the "Boise Debate" on February 29, 2020.  This debate will be our 2nd public debate of Constitution Party of Idaho candidates. Already, we are in a bigger league. 


By way of background, in 2016, our state party took a different, far more difficult path, than did the national party. We believed then, as we believe now, that proxy balloting based on national convention delegates supposedly "voting their conscious" is an anathema to liberty, a grotesque mutation of representative democratic process and a surefire route to the imposition of theocracy. 


CP-Idaho stood against this dangerous proxy ballot scheme.  Again, without demonstrable proof of direct preference ballots from the electorate, those "conscious voting" individual delegates have no evidence that they are representative.  Proxy ballots for election purposes are expressly forbidden under parliamentary rules, and therefore, because the national party felt that it too (like its counterpart duopoly) could ignore those rules meant that CP-Idaho could not longer travel with them, not unless we too would abide hypocrisy. 


In 2020, CP-Idaho is an unaffiliated ballot qualified state political party.  What we find encouraging is that, for all the rancor shown to us, several national CP candidates have also parted with the national party and are seeking our sovereign state party's primary nomination.  We take that as a tacit admission that CP-idaho was absolutely correct in 2016 to refuse to disfranchise our Idaho voters in what we considered then (and still do) to be a corrupt process of semblance over factual substance.


Regardless, CP-Idaho wishes to extend our gratitude to our presidential candidates who are standing in the 2020 primary. Our citizen candidates' determination to provide a voice and an alternative to the many unheard and unrepresented merits our thanks. For this is what our nation's founders had in mind all along...the true check and balance of a competitive political process over our government.


At this point, midday December 11, 2019, we have four presidential primary candidates. CP-Idaho appeals to all of our presidential candidate campaigns to establish and keep contact with CP-Idaho. With only a mere 90 days remaining until the statewide primary poll, much work is required so as to insure that CP-Idaho stands well-versed and well-reasoned candidates before our Gem State electorate.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the true prize.


We also appeal to our registered CP-Idaho voters.  Please lend a hand by your generous donations and by volunteering your precious time.  We, CP-Idaho, cannot easily do our work without your support. Lastly, may God preserve and keep our republic. Esto perpetua.