CP-Idaho is preparing to host the 2020 Boise Debate for our declared presidential candidates.  The element of time now enters the strategic planning in earnest.

Concurrently, our webmaster Dr. Scott Henry of Coeur d'Alene, has been busy at work on our website remodel--moving to a entirely different platform, local server provider and, as you can see, to a new design.  It is work in process.

Once done, however, we will be in better shape to accept the increased website traffic that is always associated with a General Election year.  Thus, Dr. Henry's ongoing revamp of www.cpidaho.org is crucial to be able to bring a working and loadable political website into the 2020 fight.  

For the bulk of the present year, we have somewhat necessarily relied upon our facebook page for posting our state party's new content and commentaries--https://www.facebook.com/ConstitutionPartyofIdaho  As most who use the facebook service know by now, it can be an unreliable forum.  Apparently at whim, the facebook folks can censure material and even lock out the page itself should content be declared politically incorrect enough.  Fairness dictates that we add that CP-Idaho has yet to experience censorship on facebook, but others have, and for a variety of reasons.  

For confidentiality, we ask our members to submit their presidential candidate questions directly to the State Chairman's pass protected This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Questions submitted will be reviewed for inclusion into the Boise Debate question set by the debate monitors.  Those that are placed into the queue, will be credited.  For that reason, we ask that submitted questions contain the name, town, and state of the inquirer.  In addition, we ask for a verifiable facebook page.  The only reason for this is because we want to make sure (to the extent we are able) that the questions are from genuine citizens.

Priority will be given to questions from CP-Idaho registered voters, and to Idaho Unaffiliated voters.  Registration information should be l more or less be confirmable from the Voter List supplied by the Secretary of State. That said, we will definitely include salient questions from our fellow citizen voters across this great nation should their submitted questions fit into the debate format.  In general, our debate questions are divided into two major components--Domestic Policy and International Relations.  Obviously within these two broad topics, a host of specific subjects exist.  For example, federal deficit spending and the need to downsize the federal estate would fall under Domestic Policy.  Bilateral trade with the United Kingdom which is expected to exit the E.U. would be International Relations.

We at CP-Idaho would like to see what questions our fellow citizens have that are most important to them.  Sometimes we find issues that we did not expect to be high on the list of concerns.  For example, in the subject of Energy in our 2016 Boise Debate, the question of the security of an aging and inadequate electricity grid came up.  For those who have followed the news, that issue which CP-Idaho addressed in 2016 is very much at the forefront today, in California's sparked wildfires.

Anyhow, hit us with your questions and issues of concern.  We are shaping the debate format, redesigning our state party's official website, and moving forward with development of a viable and strong third party alternative in Idaho, the Gem State as we enter the 21st centuries quarter mark.  If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?  If not here, when where? Rise!  Stand Up!  Stand Together!  FWW.  Out.