With the close of the presidential primary declarations on December 11, 2019, CP-Idaho is please to announce that our State party will field six (6) presidential candidates in the March 10, 2020 primary. 

In order of the filing date and time of the candidates, as reported by the Idaho Secretary of State, our CP-Idaho 2020 presidential primary candidate slate is as follows:

  • John Richard (J.R.) Myers--Montana
  • Don Grundmann--California
  • Dan Cummings--Wyoming
  • Don Blankenship--West Virginia
  • Sheila (Samm) Tittle--Virginia
  • Charles Kraut--Virginia

CP-Idaho has begun work in earnest upon bringing about a public debate by our candidates prior to the primary election in order to permit the Idaho electorate an opportunity to compare and contrast our 2020 primary candidate class. 

We will be posting updates to this work in process here on our website, and will be carrying on the conversation on our facebook page. We urge our presidential candidates to notify CP-Idhao regarding any campaign events during the 90 day pre-rpimary period.  We will post those notices on this, our state party's website, as well.

Lastly, please note a correction.  Though previously announced as a declared primary candidates, Mr. Darcy Richardson of Florida opted to not to declare his candidacy for the 2020 Idaho presidential primary.  The Secretary of State will shortly be publishing the final primary candidate list.

To our six delcared candidates, welcome to Idaho's 2020 Primary.