Wrong Way Economy in Idaho


 The Constitution Party asserts that Republican Party economic policies have proven ruinous to Idaho families and communities. Economists tell us Idaho has a “structural problem with its economy”. If so, that fault lay with Republican architects. For if not they, then who? They have held uninterrupted control of the State Legislature for 55 years. Meanwhile, small towns and communities across our Gem State hemorrhage population. Our youth leave to find economic opportunities elsewhere.

We are told the nature of Idaho’s economy is changing—to low wage service jobs. Our future, they say, is to become domestic servants for retirees moving to Idaho. Yes, domestic service is honorable. But we believe it is the wrong way to send Idaho’s entire economy. That is an economic and social death spiral; it is cultural senescence, and it is found all across rural Idaho.

We are told as a people that our long term trend is away from skilled manufacturing. Future expectation of low wage domestic service will be the norm. We are told Idaho’s bounteous natural resources are not the solution for a vigorous State economy. And so-called low-tech manufacturing is derided as not competitive in Idaho.

The Constitution Party rejects this entire economic scenario. We say Idaho’s natural resources—agriculture, mining, timber—are the very basis to prosperity, vigor and growth of our family households and communities. What is now dismissed as “low-tech” manufacturing, we contend, is actually value added production—value that is now being ceded offshore under Republican economic policies. It is unconscionable for Republican economic leaders to accept the continued descent into a low wage service economy—and yet claim they can do nothing. If that be true, then they are in dereliction of their duty, or they are incompetent. In either case, they should be removed from office.

It is also hypocritical that they seem to accept our commodity production, saying it is fine to ship our unprocessed grains, ores and timber offshore for the benefit of multi-national corporations to convert into value added products elsewhere, basically with slave labor. We say, the entire purpose of an economy is to sustain a culture, its families and communities—and for that reason we stand firm upon the need to vertically integrate Idaho’s economy, including low-tech production which ultimately leads to skilled manufacturing. That is our economic future. Otherwise, we are being sold back into the institution of serfdom under an aristocracy.

And that truly is the wrong way.


We do so attest.

Constitution Party of Idaho