The oligopoly’s “modified” American Northwest rural economy


Foreign markets are unhappy. Northwest commodity wheat is reportedly contaminated with a genetically modified variety. The extent is unknown. Despite assurances of secure genome tests in the past by the oligopoly, the CEO of the Oregon Wheat Commission stated, “Somehow this gene is out in the environment.” Sabotage is claimed—ever a convenient scapegoat.

This genetically modified wheat brouhaha points out something the oligopoly would prefer you not know. Over the past 35 years, oligopolistic consolidation of American food production now means that a few multinational firms control the entire food chain. Sure. Family farms still operate, a shell of a former self reliant culture. These can be easily crushed if a multinational decides they must have unprocessed commodities under production costs to provide corporate boardroom bonuses. So now, what a fortuitous circumstance! “Modified” strains are announced—and that is sure to drive down the commodity price under break even for the remaining family farms. The insatiable oligopoly boardrooms must be fed, of course, even at the expense of indentured American communities.

They have stripped processing and manufacturing out of the American economy. Northwest communities have been forced out of viable manufacturing and food processing sectors like milling, and are reduced to straight commodity production. This limits the Northwest economy’s potential, considering 90% of the wheat crop from Oregon, Washington and Idaho is earmarked for export unprocessed. Formerly, this wheat was processed here, even as late as the 1970s. Now, multinationals have pushed out American labor, and sent food processing and milling overseas.

Current economic policy encourages this transfer of value added processing and manufacturing. It is time to stop allowing the oligopoly to destroy entire communities just to obtain obscene corporate bonuses in New York’s Wall Street. If the oligopolies which control the food production in America will not self regulate, then income from commodity grain exports must be heavily levied.  Decentralized value added processing can and must return jobs to Americans who live on Main Street.


We do so attest.

Constitution Party of Idaho