Limited Government and the Control of Taxation


The Constitution Party is routinely mischaracterized as advocating no government. To the contrary, we recognize that government is necessary for an orderly society, for security and for the protection of liberties. We do not call for overturning government. We call for returning it.

Our demands are simple. Legitimate government must be constrained within the bounds of our Constitution and Common Law. In that sense, we call for limited government, one that is accountable to and empowered by the people.

We also recognize that taxes are necessary to fund government. We believe that because we all share in the benefit of an orderly society, that we all have a stake in providing funds necessary to the governance of this society.

However, because we believe in limited government, we insist that no taxation is to be incurred without absolute proof of the necessity to take from the citizenry their private property and wealth. Therefore, each government program and expenditure must be submitted to strict fiscal audit both as to efficacy and necessity as well as to constitutionality.

Taxes are necessary. But waste, redundancy, favoritism, inefficiency and corruption are not. No legitimate government should tolerate any abuse whatsoever of the treasury of the people.

Government is not an end unto itself. It has no reason or purpose beyond its charter, our Constitution. Government beyond the boundaries set forth by our Constitution is illegitimate. Expenditure of public taxes beyond strictly enforced accountability is theft.

Refusal to account is tyranny.


We do so attest.

Constitution Party of Idaho