Immigration and Control of the National Border


 All legitimate governments have every right to control their national borders. Indeed, if they are to remain a nation, they are obligated to do so.


The Constitution Party does not believe the so-called “system” of US Immigration is broken at all. Legal immigrants routinely are admitted into this nation, processed through legitimate channels. What is broken is the fortitude to enforce existing laws and to combat illegal aliens entering our sovereign realm.


No amount of American domestic laws will deter the unabated flood of willful illegal aliens crossing our national borders. This nation is being invaded. And the only known method to halt an invasion is to strictly enforce secure national borders. If we do not do so, our national republic—our economy, security and social systems—is in jeopardy of being toppled.


Under fear of offending political correctness, this nation has succumbed to the dictates of others. The Constitution Party of Idaho has no such fear. It rejects any notion that illegal aliens get to dictate to America when or where or how they may enter our Nation; or to determine for themselves whether they may stay or not.


Any illegal alien residing in these United States is in felony violation of the US Code. They must be prosecuted and sentenced as such.


The illegal use of undue social benefits by unauthorized aliens is theft. Forced entry across the national border is breaking and entering. Failure to process through legitimate immigration channels is a refusal to obey statutory law; as such, it is an immediate disqualification for residence in these United States, and is ground for deportation.


Our demands on immigration are simple. All immigration into these United States of America must pass through an orderly process under strict legal oversight by the American federal government. If it does not, then perpetrators are subject to arrest, felony conviction, sentencing, and subsequent deportation to home of origin upon completion of sentence.


 We do so attest.

 Constitution Party of Idaho