September 24th, 2013


We’ll call it a Freudian slip.  Said Mr. Obama at the U.N. General Assembly only a mere couple hours ago:

Our response has not matched the scale of the challenge.”  Indeed, Mr. Obama has not.  In fact, that statement is true regarding the whole of his presidency.

We would also suggest there is more truth in what Mr. Obama intimated before the U.N. than even he or his extremist base would care to admit.  As Mr. Obama said tangentially, “the U.N. is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws.”  Truer words the gentleman has never spoken.

The U.N. long since lost all credibility on “a just and lasting peace,” as Mr. Obama would style it.  The very structure of the U.N. is counterproductive to American sovereignty, to our domestic and international interests, to say nothing of peace.  It is a charade, an expensive pretense.  And in times of a weak President like Mr. Obama, the U.N. serves merely as a default, permitting the incompetence of an American administration which is “leading from behind”.

And now, to compound his errors, Mr. Obama has dispatched Mr. Kerry on a fool’s mission to obtain some sort of ink or signature from a radical Islamist regime…as if that has any significance.  Mr. Kerry’s mission is one that echoes similar delusions of an earlier geopolitical trek, one by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to Munich at the end of September 1938.  Upon gaining his signature ink, Mr. Chamberlain proudly pronounced back in England…”I’ve got it! …I believe it is peace for our time…Now I recommend you go home and sleep quietly in your beds.”

Unfortunately, his counterpart Herr Hitler did not share Mr. Chamberlain’s irrational exuberance, saying to complaining German ministers “Oh, don’t take it so seriously. That piece of paper is of no further significance whatever.”

Delusion, especially public delusion, is contagious.  Public crowds demonstrated it over Mr. Chamberlain’s false pretenses of “peace with honor” on 30 September 1938.  Even FDR enjoined; sending Mr. Chamberlain an atta’ boy telegram…”Good man“.  Conversely, Mr. Winston Churchill was less than sanguine, saying:  “England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame, and will get war.”

If it does anything, history will repeat itself for those who do not learn from its lessons. And so it goes again.  Deluded public crowds again demonstrated it over the so-called “new climate” in Oslo on 10 December 2009, as a pretentious Mr. Obama strode to the world stage like Colossus, emptily promising “peace for our time.”

In a universal time of deceit, said Mr. George Orwell, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.  Too bad America lacks clarity in its adulatory delusions over the personality cult that has become a Presidency.

Given a choice, we would rather take Mr. Churchill’s clarity in the midst of delusion…despite Mr. Obama’s gaffes at expunging from the White House any and all traces of Mr.Churchill.  It is reckless for these United States of America to continue to kowtow to delusion peddled by politicians.  It is well past time to terminate American support for the “debating society,” as Mr. Bush called it.  If it is peace with honor we are after, the U.N. “is of no further significance whatever.”

October 31st, 2013

With such a trove of fiasco news on Obamacare—we hardly know where to start. The grilling of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, we shall leave to others and focus on dirty deeds, the money—because it is telling. It is symptomatic of a rot in America.

But first, consider Aldous Huxley’s fiction Brave New World. However bizarre, it presaged our modern times in many respects…one “World State” under a Command Economy, using a forced caste system. In Huxley’s new world, most human fetuses were “decanted” to be reared as suppressed clones in “hatcheries and conditioning centers”. Only a select few were allowed to gestate normally…these became the ruling castes. Huxley’s world is an appropriate, albeit horrific, example for Obamacare.

Our readers may be puzzled over our illustrative use of Mr. Huxley. What’s the connection? Well, those dirty deeds of course, that money, which runs through our current government and the Obamacare news like the hyphae of mushrooms feeding upon rot.

On 28 July 2013, a business merger was announced in Chicago with Omnicom by Maurice Levy CEO of the Paris, France based Publicis Groupe. Levy declared: “This is a new company for a new world.” Indeed. A new world—and a new definition of representative government.

The merger forms (Publicis Omnicom Groupe)—two holding companies now capitalized at over $35 billion—and essentially commanding all public relations and advertising on planet Earth. How does this link to Obamacare and Russian propagandists? Ah yes; mergers of this caliber have all kinds of subsidiaries—many known, some not. Take Ketchum Inc., for example. It is a subsidiary of Omnicom.

The way our political system works today is that, when public policy needs to be sold to the People, or when things go bad for a political party or mega-corporation, professional public relations mercenaries are brought in—the masters of propaganda. Ketchum’s clients include some stalwart multi-nationals who found themselves in various troubles like: Chase, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak and many others who were mired a time or two in things we call scandals.

The hypahe feeding upon the detritus of Washington, D.C., like Ketchum Inc., also have their own subsidiaries. For example, GPlus Europe…a principal of which was involved in “covering” the First Chechen War (1994-1996) and Gazprom. Today, for millions of dollars, Ketchum touts the benefits, so-called, of partnering with Russia…and thus, foreign policy is made in our brave new world.

Over the years, Ketchum has also had contracts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in US federal propaganda work to polish up the images of the likes of the Department of Education, the IRS and Health and Human Services…and thus, domestic policy is made in our brave new world.

Which brings us to today. Ketchum was called in as prime emergency propaganda contractor to improve the image of Obamacare’s The overall Obamacare public relations effort—or propaganda—has already spent contracts totaling several tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for major firms like Omnicom/Ketchum. The Administration has also sent millions to minor subcontractors, many of which lack much in a verifiable track record. One of these firms happens to be a D.C. based outfit called Buying Time LLC. It grabbed a $1.1 million contract from “stimulus” funds to transmit Obamacare propaganda to Americans. And this, it turns out, has every appearance of dirty money.

It just so happens that Buying Time LLC founder is none other than Cathie Herrick. She is linked to a deep mat of hyphae connected to the Democratic National Committee—working for the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign, the 2000 Gore campaign, and the 2004 Kerry campaign. Now, she works as a public propagandist for Obamacare…on the taxpayer’s payroll.

The Herrick story was broken by the Washington Times’ Jim McElhatton, 29 October 2013. And it is disturbing. Repeated inquiries to Ketchum by the Washington Times on how and why this firm was hired went unanswered at press time. The Washington Times quoted Republican US Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma as saying: “With out-of-control deficits, it is unacceptable to squander taxpayer money on what is essentially political propaganda.”

Of course, the Republicans themselves are not without blame. They too employed Omnicom’s Ketchum, and in essence violated a federal ban against propaganda in a 2004 attempt to burnish Health and Human Services with prepackaged news stories for President Bush’s initiative.

Our long story has a point. Domestic and foreign policy has long since been created by mercenary public relations propagandists. That is dangerous to a free society. It corrupts, a point Mr. Huxley made in his fiction Brave New World. As Mr. Huxley wrote: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

This Administration has engaged in repeated wholesale deception over five years. They pretend that just because they ignore uncomfortable facts, those facts do not exist…they go away as “phony scandals”. Relentlessly, this Administrations continues weaving and expanding its hyphae through the permeable matrix of public perception under the force of propaganda.

It is said that fungal hyphae can sense reproductive units from a great distance, and grow toward them. Mercenary public relations firms are much like this—skilled at finding fertile apathy; skilled at finding the soft rot they need to feed, and to breed. This is the Brave New America.