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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Constitution Party Stand For?


What are the Differences Between the Parties?

The bottom line is a party’s philosophy of what the role of government should be. The two major parties legislate as if government is God and can solve all problems. This results in a more powerful, centralized government and a people who become more dependent on government and less dependent on themselves and God. Libertarian and Reform party leaders think man is sovereign and has all the answers, therefore, changes in cultural views and morals will result in changes in law and its interpretation. History has shown that cultures which have no absolutes end in anarchy. The Constitution Party is the only party that acknowledges the sovereignty of God and wants to return our country to the Constitution which is based on biblical principles. Government’s role is to secure the rights of the people rather than control the and provide for people.

The Constitution Party affirms the original Constitutional framework of federalism (sovereign states) and separation of powers, calling for the repeal of all laws and abolition of all programs not expressly authorized by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. Other parties may call for a smaller government but are not committed to reducing government to its constitutional boundaries.

The Constitution Party will hold candidates elected to office accountable to the platform. Other parties allow candidates to campaign on their platform but then act contrary to the platform and suffer no consequences.

The Constitution Party has not taken, nor will ever take funds from the tax-paying public to support its activities, believing that action to be unconstitutional. Others claim to advocate campaign finance reform yet they take money from taxpayers who may not agree with their platform.

The Constitution Party intends to entirely repeal the federal income tax and cut enough spending to operate the government without it. Others propose small tax reductions, a flat tax or a federal national sales tax. However, a different kind of tax will not yield a significant reduction in taxes, only a different method of robbery.


Will I Waste My Vote?

In 1996 and 2000, millions of conservatives did not vote because they did not care for either of the major candidates. Therefore, the conservative vote is already split three ways between the major parties and those who will not vote for a liberal or a moderate. Also, the fact is,third parties draw votes from both major parties.


Why Not Reform the GOP Instead of Building a New Party?

The GOP Leadership is Committed to "Moderation" Not Reformation!

The GOP Has No Intentions to Restore Constitutional Government!

Compromise is Standard Operating Procedure


Can a New Party Win?

History Says "YES"!

Voters Say "YES"!