CP-Idaho takes this opportunity to inform our readers that the www.cpidaho.org website is undergoing renovation.and migration to a new server.  The work in process will likely require several weeks more, and a steep "learning curve" of new tricks by the old dog who's been responsible for posting and upkeep during the past half decade.

Age of the site architecture more or less forced the renovations.  At the end of the work, we trust the new cpidaho.org website will be better functioning.  Perhaps this upgrade work could not come at a more inopportune time--we are fast approaching statutory deadlines on presidential primary candidate declarations.  And that will precipitate a host of other items of business that must be completed ere we get to the March 10, 2020 primary ballot.

We ask for our readers' temporary indulgence as we kick the tires, turn it over and eye the frame, clean the filters and get this jalopy hot rod safely back on the road.

CP-Idaho will shortly be asking our public for a questions set to be asked of our primary candidates by a table of moderators at the pending presidential debate.  We title the event the "Boise Debate" in keeping with the design of the 2016 presidential debate held at Boise Library Auditorium prior to the primary ballot.  In truth, this 2020 election year, CP-Idaho is working upon a venue just west of the Canyon-Ada county line. 

We realize that this is not strictly "Boise"--and perhaps by styling it so, it will be much to the chagrin of residents that a'way.  No harm intended, but the truth is most of the rest of Idaho refers to the entire Metro Area as being "Boise".  To be sure, the people up in Sandpoint get it.  After all, they're known as "Coeur d'Alene". If it would appease delicate local sensitivities, perhaps we could place an asterisk on the debate venue title, or not.

In any case, be on the lookout for information regarding this upcoming event.  Once we firm up the details a tad more (replace pencil with ink), we will post the public information here on our website under construction.  Until then, we ask our readers to consider policy questions that they wish to be answered by presidential candidates. 

The major dichotomy in the final question set will be Domestic Policy and International Affairs.  To demonstrate, Domestic Policy questions could range from public land use management to security and upgrades to the national electricity grid (both subjects of interest in 2016's debate).  International Affairs could take in the alphabet list of international trade deals (so-called) to immigration across our borders.  And all points between.

Again, please bear with us as we juggle a number of mechanical items in our overhaul of the website.  We don't pretend to NASCAR qualifications.  But with enough creative welding, maybe we can make a heck of a run at the Demolition Derby.