Ladies and gentlemen,

Your state party is working hard to bring to Idaho a high quality public forum in which citizen candidates have a fair opportunity to present their ideas and solutions for constitutionally oriented government.  Ticket donations help us accomplish this goal.

Seating for the 2020 Boise Debate will be limited to 100 General Admission seats.  Advance tickets help us plan for promotional printing (i.e. Debate Programs), and help us with equipment needs and various campaign assistance.  Please step up.

The form has an entry blank for our contributors to write in an additional amount. All monies will go toward offsetting expenses associated with bring the 2020 Boise Debate to life! 

In addition, when details of finalized, we will have an "after the debate" Pizza Dinner With The Presidential Candidates.  We know of no other similar opportunity in Idaho for the public directly meet presidential candidates one on one.  Seating for the pizza meet and greet dinner will necessarily have to be limited (we anticipate 85 seats for the public). 

Again, we look forward to bringing this event to fruition, with your generous advanced ticket donations.