We are told that Earth is surrounded be a newly discovered protective shield, Star-Trek-like, which protects the here below…a barrier against  particle motion that exists some 7,600 miles above us in the Van Allen Belts.

Two doughnut shaped belts, laden with high energy electrons and protons, apparently block “killer electrons” from solar storms that move  nearly at the speed of light.  That’s comforting.

But then there is the astronomical  public debt under the current solar storm called the Sun King Obama.  That debt now surpasses $18 trillion.  Too bad the astrophysicists cannot find something up there to protect us from anymore “killer elections”.  Surely Mr. “I am the State” Obama’s massive public debt–which stands now at over 103% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)–is just as dangerous to America’s future.

Newsmax reports, to put it in perspective, that even considering debt to be 103% of the GPD does not do the actual debt justice.  Some shady-hand shell games added “intangibles” to the GDP output.  That jacked up the reported economic output, artificially.  Otherwise, existing public debt would clear 106% of the (formerly calculated) GDP.

When the Sun King entered the Oval Office, public debt stood at $10.8 trillion…a staggering sum.  Not to be out done, in the almost six-years of the Divine Rights President, public debt has left the field of gravity, well beyond the magnetic shield…perhaps even beyond the Solar System and maybe beyond the Milky Way itself.  It is now at an altitude of over $18 trillion.  And we’re not talking candy bars.

At this rate, just during Monarch Obama’s tenure (if his “from behind” occupancy merits being called a tenure), the public debt very likely will have doubled since “his abysmally incompetent Administration” began in January 2009, as John Hinderaker puts it (Powerline Blog).  Some “legacy”.

Says Hinderaker, 41% of all US debt accrued since George Washington’s first day in office some 224 years ago has been piled up under just six years of Obama.  A century of spending crammed into a six year political campaign tour.

To that, we appeal to the astrophysicists.  Is there something to serve as a barrier to the near light speed debt motion being blasted into space by the Sun King?  Anything?