We question whether Idaho Republican John McGee and Floridian Republican Trey Radel had the same birth parents. It seems as if the Idaho Republican and Florida Republican are conjoined twins separated at birth. Arrogance, brutish selfishness, hubris, a belief that laws and ethics do not apply to nouveau aristocrats in the political “ruling” class…it seems to be genetic.

So too is the apparent belief that they can engage in whatever they will…up to the point of getting caught…and then some claptrap pretended contriteness is supposed to suffice by way of excuse. And if not, then appeal to the ignorance of bleating partisanship to preserve their satrap office. “You gotta keep me, because of those dastardly Democrats!”  Sans difference, we say.

We’ll not belabor Mr. McGee’s drunken spree behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle here in Idaho. But consider the new disgusting deflections of his fellow Republican, Mr. Radel of Florida. Mr. Radel was recently busted for a $250 cocaine transaction…which remains illegal however he now styles it.

Now that he’s been nabbed by drug enforcement, out of Mr. Radel comes a pouring partisan litany.  Apparently he hopes it passes for a wink and a nod, and will keep him ensconced in the US House of Representatives. Says Mr. Radel: “I believe when government expands it becomes a political tool meant to oppress.” Indeed?

So, Mr. Radel is basically saying that he has a right to abuse cocaine…“a personal issue on personal time” while he represents Florida in Washington DC?  Street thugs everywhere have claimed as much.  Or is Mr. Radel saying that he, being a US Representative, is immune to the common law? Or, is the scapegoat government (favorite tool of unethical Republicans everywhere) somehow more “oppressive” now that it busted him for coke? How dare it?…Personal liberty, is that it?

What Mr. Radel arrogantly proffers implies that he thinks he merits a criminal pass. It’s all about Mr. Radel…to Mr. Radel. As Fox News reported, Mr. Radel said in a phony mea culpa: “I love what I do and I’m going to return to what I do, what you sent me to do in Washington D.C., which is working for you and your family while I relish mine.” Relish, says he. “No one — no one will take away my passion.”—I, me, my—the one thing that Mr. Radel does not mention in his litany of excuses is honor.

Mr. Radel is hypocrisy incarnate; but then again, he is a Republican. And it is genetic.

Now that he claims to have “only” abused cocaine “a handful of times” somehow Mr. Radel’s Republican affiliation warrants granting a waiver on ethics and dismissal of the coke bust? Clinton claimed as little.  We’re more than incredulous.

Mr. Radel says he’s going to “redouble” his efforts in the US House of Representatives, “with a clearer focus and a stronger mind”. Uh-huh. Cocaine, we are told, gives the addict that impression. Regardless, his being the self professed champion of cuts to sheep-farm subsidies is so vital a mission to our national interests that Americans should grant Mr. Radel a waiver on his criminal behavior?

Speaking of sheep, apparently, like John McGee proved in Idaho, the Florida Republican establishment only intends to bleat regarding Mr. Radel’s abuse of office…he has that Republican sheepskin drawn up over him, after all.  So, the canines are simply to be ignored.

Yet if they are to apply at all, then high crimes and misdemeanors applies to Republican as well as any other...or not at all. And so long as Republicans do not expel and incarcerate Mr. Radel, that sound we hear out on the moors is nothing more than bleating hypocrisy, and nothing less. And, Mr. Radel is nothing other than yet another dishonorable Republican wolf hiding beneath the fleece of pretended patriotism.  Seems to us, George Washington warned about those.

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We have been engaged in an interesting, albeit certainly not amicable, discussion with an amour propre blogger who operates from Elmore County, Idaho. Apparently, the gentleman holds the Constitution (and those who crafted it) in contempt, disparaging what he styles as “200 year old sayings”. Not good enough, evidently, for 2014.


In our experience, we find “progressives” routinely over-extend themselves, especially intellectually. And in consequence, all of the rest of us must deal with the results of their heedless renovations. What habitually happens is that “progressive” ideologues tear out load bearing walls in their rush for the latest style, clueless to architectural distinctions.


Not all walls are simply nuances of style. Some are actually necessary. Too much damage has already been done to America’s structural integrity by those about whom Alexander Pope observed: “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”


It occurs to us that, for all the modernism our pious remodelers snobbishly promote, perchance a return to the original architectural plan is a more sound solution than to continue to tear out walls indiscriminately. That never ends well.


Which brings us back to the original design of our representative republic, the one about which our mulish blogger brays. We cannot help but consider Patrick Henry. He warned about the degradation of liberty, by an exchange of it for empire. “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.” Too bad our unsuspecting interior designers did not keep Mr. Henry’s advice.


Mr. Henry went on to say, regarding liberty: “If our descendants be worthy the name of Americans they will preserve and hand down to their latest posterity the transactions of the present times.” Too few today, it seems, are worthy of American any more.


Now we realize that these may indeed be dismissed as “200 year old sayings;” but we suggest that America’s “modern” government has not lived up to the chintzy claims its renovators promised. And to continue down the same wrong path, despite how far or how long one may travel upon it, will lead no closer to our destination. In fact, the opposite is true. We also realize that it is perhaps a matter of stiff-necked pride that “progressives” will not stop and seek directions…which is somewhat foolish given that a roadmap exists, called the Constitution.


We also dare suggest that Patrick Henry mentioned blueprints that are considerably older than the “200 year old sayings” of the Constitution: “This is all the inheritance I give to my dear family. The religion of Christ will give them one which will make them rich indeed.”  If our amour propre blogger was apoplectic over 200 year old sayings, we are somewhat concerned about his health upon mentioning 2,000 year old “sayings”.   But…“A leader of good judgment gives stability.” Proverbs 29:4

We note our friends at Newsmax report that an erstwhile Republican Mr. Larry Pressler is running as an “independent” in a bid to return to the US Senate seat in South Dakota after a 16 year hiatus. Mr. Pressler was the only incumbent so-called Republican Senator unseated in 1996 when Democrat Tim Johnson defeated him due in large measure to Pressler’s crafting of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.


This particular bill was criticized by the Consumers Union and others as enabling “the handful of corporations dominating the airwaves to expand their power further.” Indeed, this wedge led to the bilking of investors by Mssrs. Bill Clinton and his fund raiser Terry McAuliffe (now Virginia Governor) in the unseemly Global Crossing scandal, as favors were doled out on the greens of Washington D.C. golf courses.


Regardless, Mr. Pressler, a “moderate” Republican according to the Washington Post, “supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012.” Mr. Pressler’s opportunistic and full-throated support of President Obama led to his political appointment (we dare say quid pro quo) in 2009 by the current Administration under the pretense of “bi-partisanship”. Yet if there ever was a divisive President short of Abraham Lincoln, it would be Mr. Obama, the embodiment of partisan extremism. Perhaps Mr. Pressler had an excuse in 2008. He had none in 2012.


Apparently Mr. Pressler has now had an epiphany. He fathomed the bilge water of public animosity toward all things “big-party”—which includes his own crony lobbyist deals. Rather than switch parties to match his apparent persuasions, and finally run on his preferences as an out-of-the-closet Democrat, Mr. Pressler apparently will attempt to paint his candidacy this time as “Independent”.


Unfortunately, the Ship of State (or Ship of Fools, as the case maybe) is taking on seawater; and mere paint alone will not substitute for the need to weld steel plate—which we call principles—to the hull. America is badly listing, betrayed by a lack of principles, torpedoed by partisanship. Despite the Washington Post vouchsafe, Mr. Pressler has willfully encouraged the very thing he now supposedly stands against. Mr. Pressler is a chameleon—a poor attempt at dazzle camouflage. Under the present circumstances, such paint is no barrier to the seas.


Perhaps if it weren’t simply a cynical marketing ploy to position his personal ambition under the “white” of an independent candidate, Mr. Pressler’s newly painted “independence” would be a good thing. The chaotic decks of a dysfunctional government have certainly been awakened to the realization that despite which “brand” of captaincy is at the helm—red versus blue—it has been politicians like Mr. Pressler who have navigated this nation into treacherous shoals.


So despite his paint job, Mr. Pressler is no White Knight; he is nothing more than an opportunist. And now that the Ship of State is slipping deeper into the waves, we do not doubt that a whole raft of former big-box politicians exactly like Mr. Pressler will paint their aspirations as “Independent.” Rats do leave a sinking ship if at all possible.

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We see from a recent online report by National Journal that Republicans are oozing back to the swamp of earmarks and special interest favoritism, having succeeded in attracting electorate votes by the puffery of their biennial mating calls.

We readily concede that these politicians are a fascinating breed of chameleon—effortlessly able to switch their colors to confound accountability.  They are camouflaged, hidden when danger appears.  But when the threat of discovery has passed, they don their bright mating colors with “false pretenses of patriotism”.  George Washington warned us to beware such creatures in his Farewell Address—sadly to no avail.

Now that the Republican type (viz. their back-slithering on earmarks) have once again proven that they are genetically the same political animal as the Democrat type—saving name only—perchance our  Constitution Party is so bold as to recommend a far less consanguineal budgetary process?

Rather than the “back room” arrangements which lead to the deformity of earmarked special political favors—a particularly detestable practice akin to consuming your own kind—CP-Idaho suggests an infusion of new vigor, wholly untried by the closely cavorting pair of political parties now wallowing in the slippery shallow mud of the District of Columbia.

We realize that we risk “aghast” gapes by the current homogeneous federalist duopoly.  And, we realize that it is entirely taboo by today’s fashion to speak in any terms other than loathing on the Confederacy.  But we nevertheless suggest that those Confederates were, in one respect at least, on to something.

They recommended in their Constitution of the Confederate States that “Every law, or resolution having the force of law, shall relate to but one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title.”  It too occurs to us that all individual projects ought to be put up to a vote upon that expenditure’s merits.  After all, federal funding is being proposed.  This is the correct way to have an open and accountable government.  So if Alaska needs a bridge to some island, a vote on its specific merits and costs is in order.

Do not tell us that this would “take too long”…federal budgets are right now so “efficient” that they are routinely overdue, and overdue to the point that continuing resolutions are expected.  The annual fiscal budget so-called deadline has pushed further and further toward Christmas nearly a full fiscal quarter late.  Soon it will routinely be past New Year’s.  Also, do not tell us that ordinary Americans are too hardhearted, or that they would beggar their neighbor of necessary projects… the massive generosity of common Americans in times of natural catastrophes alone belies such a claim.

No.  Legislation now approaching 3,000 and 5,00 pages in length, chock full of special favors, is a prescription of more close inbred corruption in the mud of Washington, D.C.  It leads to indistinguishable clones, currently called political parties.  While the “arranged” consanguineal union of the duopoly may provide them momentary relief, unfortunately what they consummate is harmful to the American future.  Indeed, if as the current President claims, a budget scalpel is preferred over a machete, we will agree.  We suggest that no finer or sharper a scalpel can be found than voting on expenditures, one at a time, independently, cleanly—rather than the mud wrestling embrace that has bred far too many wasteful federal boondoggles to count.  What was that term?… “Drain the Swamp”?  If so, then aye.